Worship isn’t just the musical part of our service at The Road. “Worship” is anything that we do to bring pleasure to God. We worship God privately, in fellowship through small groups, and corporately in our weekly service. During our services we take pleasure in using the elements of music, drama and other forms of the arts as our act of worship to God. By using our talents and gifts, the worship arts team provides music, provokes thought, offers prayer, and gives us encouragement and direction in glorifying God. In all these efforts, together, we worship God.

We are working to create an environment at MRCC that is highly artistic. We want to encourage all the arts as gifts from God which He has given for His pleasure and our pleasure. Using the many forms of the art are very effective in communicating the truths found in the scriptures. At The Road, we use a lot of multimedia, drama, set designs, and props.

People often look at how many performers we have on stage and think "they must not need me."  But we do! We don't just use a handful of people over and over.  We want people who have been gifted to be equipped to serve as God has intended. That is why we rotate 4 teams in the Contemporary services and 4 teams in the Traditional Service.

We can always use people with tech skills to work with computer/media, audio and a digital audio board. And, are willing to train.  

For more info contact Marty Christian:marty@mrcc.cc

   Marty Christian, Worship Arts Pastor

Vocal Team Auditions

We have 2 openings for vocalists for the Contemporary Services.  You need to sing harmony and love to joyfully worship God.  If you are interested, then contact Marty Christian for an audition time. 

Want to know what our worship is like?

I Am Free: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7UulLG14NQ

Word of God Speak-during Communion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQXTqyR9QZE

Full Service: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yudNseAMvsA

Resources we use:

It's what we do! Learning Site Media Software Song Source The Bible
Application for Worship Arts Ministry Sunday Morning Evaluations For more information




Tech stuff is fun! 

Worship is more than just music...